Xbox 360 Game Previews

Ridge Racer 6 As a game that has normally launched with Sony platforms, this new Ridge Racer is a big addition for Microsoft. While it’s nothing new or unique, Ridge Racer fans are going to love playing their favorite racer in hi-definition on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 Ridge Racer 6 will have a… read more »

Most Popular Games To Play In Facebook

While Facebook continues to be the leading networking site, it still manages to reap more and more visitors each day getting hooked to playing the so many entertaining Facebook games. There have been around 11 million of people all over the world playing Facebook games each day and what’s interesting is that the networking site… read more »

Mafia Wars How-Tos

So, you’re ready to take the challenge in Mafia Wars, Are you ready to build your empire and spread your influence in the game, If you are, then read on! Here are some tips to help you find your way to the top. How do you win in this game, Well, you need to form… read more »

Mafia Wars: A How-To Guide

Are you interested in playing Mafia Wars but do not know where to start, In the beginning, you may find this online game overwhelming. But, once you get the flow of the game, you’ll surely love it as much as millions of people do. This game will allow you to build your own mafia and… read more »

Tips For Survival In Mafia Wars

After you have started to familiarize yourself with the basics of Mafia Wars, the next question would be: how do you thrive and survive in the war, How do you guarantee a sure win, Well, you must start with more. You need to accumulate more. More Mafia Members Team up with other players. Recruit more… read more »

Mafia Wars: The Basics

Mafia Wars encompasses different objectives such as growing your Mafia, leveling up your character, earning big income, maximizing your health, gaining remarkable titles, and completing collections. Among the benefits of recruiting mafia members and growing the size of your group are: 1.It gives you the ability to buy more properties and businesses. 2.It makes you… read more »

Learn some Strategies in Mafia Wars

A game designed by Zynga, Mafia wars has become greatly popular nowadays. In fact, it now has millions of players. One of the useful motivations of such game is to expand and strengthen your Mafia family by convincing your friends to join in. To succeed in this game, you need to fight, purchase properties, level… read more »

Mafia Wars: How to Get Started

Do you have a Facebook account, If you do, then you surely have been receiving invitations to play Mafia Wars. Such invitations may even be followed by phone calls, e-mails, and text messages which never seem to stop until you agreed to sign up and play. For neophytes like you, it is important to know… read more »

Guides in Playing Mafia Wars

While Mafia Wars requires only a few mouse clicks, the tactics behind it is really complicated. As a player, you should also be skilled and capable enough of making careful and well thought-out decisions. At the start of the game, it may seem vague to you as to where to bring your mafia. There are… read more »

Facebook Games: Why Millions Of Users Are Hooked,

Why is it that Facebook has became an instant hit to may people, whether the young and the matured ones, Well, aside from the many exciting and interesting interfaces, applications and features, the Facebook games are definitely an attraction to almost all people of all walks of life. They are so effective that many people… read more »